McLaren Qualified



Buying your pre-owned McLaren from McLaren Sterling provides you with the reassurance that your car has "Qualified" - it has been thoroughly examined against the requirements of the experts that built it and has met every one. Furthermore, you can rest assured that it is not just the car that will meet McLaren's high standards but the entire purchasing and ownership experience.

  • A minimum of one year McLaren Qualified Warranty1, including Roadside Assistance2
  • Every component "Qualified" against a rigorous multi-point inspection by McLaren-trained technicians
  • All servicing and maintenance due within three months of handover will have been carried out
  • All tyres will be McLaren approved and have at least
  • Pre-sale preparation of your pre-owned car to the McLaren Qualified standard
  • Only McLaren genuine parts fitted to the car, ensuring it drives precisely as our engineers intended
  • All vehicle provenance checks available in the market will have been carried out by the McLaren Sterling

1 Please note the McLaren P1TM is excluded from the McLaren Qualified programme; all other McLaren Automotive series cars are included 

2 Roadside Assistance is not available in all markets